Dan Rather, An Unlikely Essayist, On ‘What Unites Us’

Equally optimistic and concerned, the longtime television news anchor — now a Facebook phenomenon — has written a book that doesn’t hide his love of country.

Editor’s Note: I’ve followed Dan on Facebook and Twitter over the past year, and he speaks truly, openly, and in defense of an America and American values I believe are core to our nation’s history, traditions, and democracy. Worth a listen to his views, if you get the chance…

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Paul Theroux Deep South; More World War I Sites

Author Paul Theroux shares the insights he gleaned about America from the people he met in the small towns and backroads of the Deep South. Then history professor Mark D. Van Ells returns with more suggestions for visiting places that honor the sacrifices of Allied troops in World War I. For more information on Travel with Rick Steves – including episode descriptions, program archives and related details – visit http://www.ricksteves.com.

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* Published: 10/20/17 5:00:00 PM

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Has Everyone Forgotten What Star Trek Is Supposed to Be?

There’s a weird problem that keeps popping up with Star Trek: Discovery and I can’t tell whose fault it is. Is it journalists writing about the show who don’t know its background? Is it that the people involved in the show are bad ambassadors for it? Is it the way the show’s being promoted? Is it just the news cycle? Whatever the cause, the effect is that Discovery is constantly marketed as groundbreaking when it should be marketed as following in Star Trek’s footsteps.

Source: Has Everyone Forgotten What Star Trek Is Supposed to Be?

How Typewriters Changed Everything | JSTOR Daily

Voice recognition technology is beginning to compete with typing. Would the end of typing change the business world forever?

“After decades of development, voice recognition technology is beginning to compete with typing when it comes to sending texts, interacting with computers, and even writing whole articles. The end of typing could shake things up, judging from how much typing changed the world when it was first introduced.”

Source: How Typewriters Changed Everything | JSTOR Daily