In ‘This Blessed Earth,’ Nostalgia For Farming Overlooks Real World Issues : NPR

Journalist Ted Genoways spent a year on a small farm in rural Nebraska, and he says American nostalgia for the family farm overlooks the pressures farmers face and the realities of food production.

Source: In ‘This Blessed Earth,’ Nostalgia For Farming Overlooks Real World Issues : NPR


Bar Harbor, Maine

Wonderful travel tale and photos! Thank you.. #Maine #Travel

A Note From Abroad

October 10th

Signs on a building, downtown Bar Harbor

Three years ago we visited our friends Lise and Charlie at their family cabin just a few miles from where our ship docked. On that trip we explored Acadia National Park and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the natural beauty. 

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Why having no headphone jack is a bad idea | AndroidAuthority

“Aside from money and aesthetics, though, there’s really no point to it. We’re all quibbling over whether Bluetooth audio is good enough, or whether or not dongles suck (they do).  The official reasons are little more than platitudes about better designs and “being bold”. It’s hogwash, honestly. The only thing such a decision does is limit the kinds of experiences an individual can have on their smartphone. That is never a good thing.”

Editor’s Note: Will *not* buy a phone without a headphone jack. Period.

Source: Why having no headphone jack is a bad idea | AndroidAuthority

New York City ~ Time Square, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Chrysler Building

Wonderful views of NYC, like no other city in the world…

A Note From Abroad

October 5th

Theater District – 42nd Street

Apparently we are still on West Coast time and not getting out the door as early as we should. Oh well, I guess we are not really accountable to anyone and can come and go as we please. Kind of nice really. 

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Fried Okra…

To die for!

Camellia's Cottage

img_3323.jpgFried Okra! This Southern Favorite has been around as long as anyone can remember and without exception is remembered fondly! So fondly that one friend named her precious little Dog, Okra. I’ve been told that a man who had a particular fondness for Okra named his two daughters Okra and Hibiscus! (Okra plants bear Hibiscus-like blossoms and are in the same plant family!) Those were brilliant names; a guarantee that everyone would love those girls! However, Okra is an acquired taste for anyone who was born outside of the South- there are whines that it is slimy (and it is slimy unless it’s fried)  Folks also wonder ‘Why anyone would eat Okra!’ Well, okra that is not fried, is used to thicken the finest gumbos, the best pots of vegetable soups, and a pod or two placed on the top of a pan of simmering Field Peas, Baby Limas or Speckled Butterbeans- makes the broth thicker with…

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Library connections, not collections

Libraries Connect Communities


I know I don’t usually share links to external articles on here, but today this one really caught my eye. The headline alone, Why the future of UK libraries is in the ‘connection, not the collection’ strikes right at the heart of my own beliefs about libraries; the name of my blog, is, after all, Libraries Connect Communities.

Library Design

The article, by Louise Rhind-Tutt, quotes David Lindley, Executive Director of Designing Libraries, as saying that the key to shifting the focus from collections to connections is through “creating interactive, collaborative and participative spaces for people to come together and work together, learn together, and access a variety of materials and resources – not just borrow books.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Read the complete article here:

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Hurricane Harvey and Libraries | American Libraries Magazine

Depending on their location, some libraries sustained significant damage from the ensuing flood waters, while others escaped with only a little cleanup required. The flood also affected many librarians and other library workers due to the damage to their homes. Public libraries Houston Public Library reopened 18 of its 42 locations on September 5, according … Continue reading Hurricane Harvey and Libraries →

Source: Hurricane Harvey and Libraries | American Libraries Magazine