How Fiction Becomes Fact on Social Media – The New York Times

Stephen Savage


How To Fall Asleep And Why We Need More : Shots – Health News : NPR

“Human beings are the only species that deliberately deprive themselves of sleep for no apparent gain,” says sleep scientist Matthew Walker. His new book is Why We Sleep.

Source: How To Fall Asleep And Why We Need More : Shots – Health News : NPR

How Social Media Endangers Knowledge | WIRED

Alan Schein/Getty Images

Alan Schein/Getty Images

Social networks train us to focus on images and emotions, sapping the quest for knowledge.

Social networks, though, have since colonized the web for television’s values. From Facebook to Instagram, the medium refocuses our attention on videos and images, rewarding emotional appeals—‘like’ buttons—over rational ones. Instead of a quest for knowledge, it engages us in an endless zest for instant approval from an audience, for which we are constantly but unconsciouly performing.

Source: How Social Media Endangers Knowledge | WIRED

Bar Harbor, Maine

Wonderful travel tale and photos! Thank you.. #Maine #Travel

A Note From Abroad

October 10th

Signs on a building, downtown Bar Harbor

Three years ago we visited our friends Lise and Charlie at their family cabin just a few miles from where our ship docked. On that trip we explored Acadia National Park and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the natural beauty. 

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