Cuba – One Island, Two Worlds

Always wanted to visit Cuba.. good article on travel and today’s Cuba…


Cuba, for most people, is the land of old American cars, cigars and rum. The land that was frozen somewhere back in the 50’s.

I lived in Cuba for 6 months last year with my husband, Fidel. Cuba became my second home and after some observations, the land has two worlds: the world of the locals and the world of the tourists. These two worlds are completely separated. It is a difficult place to visit for those who cherish the local culture and want to experience life as the locals do. In Cuba, you’ll never live like a local person (even if you move there one day it still won’t be the same). However, this might not be a bad thing. Of course, you’ll always meet locals, you’ll party with them and maybe even fall in love with one but in Cuba, you will always be a Yuma (Cuban word for…

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