Putting This MoM in MoMA, a New York Dream Come True!


There are so many things to do in New York City it is mind boggling. I was there for more than a week on my visit, and there were too many things left undone. Just another reason to go back!

One stop that I had to make during this visit — the Museum of Modern Art. There were two reasons for this:

#1 Starry Night. I love me some van Gogh!

#2 Tim Burton special exhibit. Yes, please!

I have to share that seeing Starry Night up close was surreal. Here is a painting I have seen reproductions of every where my entire life, and the original was in front of me. Now I have met celebrities before. I sat next to Adam Sandler back in my early 20s interviewing him for the college newspaper I edited, but nothing has caused me to be star struck like this. I took…

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