Chefs with Las Vegas ties prepare decadent after-Oscars feast | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Wolfgang Puck Previews the Food for the V.I.P. Governors Ball Following the Oscars (Al Mancini/ Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Wolfgang Puck Previews the Food for the V.I.P. Governors Ball Following the Oscars (Al Mancini/ Las Vegas Review-Journal)

For celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck and his team, serving seafood, caviar, sushi and Champagne for 1,500 is not too tall an order. It will be Puck’s 23rd year of preparing the feast for the official Governors Ball after-Oscars party.

Source: Chefs with Las Vegas ties prepare decadent after-Oscars feast | Las Vegas Review-Journal


Boulder City native purposely goes unnoticed on ‘La La Land’ set | Las Vegas Review-Journal

“I like to joke that I am the highest-paid waiter in Los Angeles. … In the basic sense, I support the actors on set and, yeah, just sort of hand them things,” Kim Richey says modestly about her career as an assistant prop master.

Source: Boulder City native purposely goes unnoticed on ‘La La Land’ set | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Democrats – You Need to Have a National Plan, and Transparency

I’ve become discouraged and disappointed in my party, the Democratic Party of the United States.

In this time, which we’ve seen before (see: 1960s, Vietnam War, Nixon, Reagan), the Democratic National Committee (DNC) seem disorganized, have no significant national leader of note, no visible national plan for restoring the party to national control in the Senate, the House, and the Presidency, and no transparency for the party at the national level.

Yes, there’s some efforts underway to get a leader, and organize.  But, to me, given the nature of the assaults on our Nation’s Democracy, we are too slow, too unable to gather together as a single force for #Resistance and #Protest.

More on those points below, but on transparency, my large complaint is the continual, ongoing begging for donations and funds to fight without a single clue or report or publication or social media sharing of their use of resources and donations given to them.

For me, I wouldn’t give to a charity or organization that doesn’t have a annual report, a disclosure of how its funds are spent, and frequent regular reports to its contributors or membership about how the donated funds are used.  See also,

Yes, there are state level and local level Democratic Party organizations, but the biggest role is the national organization.  You lead from the top, or you don’t lead at all.  Where’s my report on how you used my money to try and elect Hillary Clinton?  Where’s the staff listing, salaries, operational organization chart, annual report, disclosures?  What are we Democrats getting from our national “team” and their leadership thus far into 2017.  I don’t see much.

Today’s page (2/22/17) reminds me at the first view to call the Republicans in Congress?  See screenshot below…


Really??  That’s the best you got.  No wonder we got beat in the Electoral College…



Source: MSNBC

They (we) won the popular vote by millions, but the Party seems unable to capitalize on any support from that, IMHO.  Given these numbers, there should be a huge number of citizens who voted for her that would be interested in a Democratic Plan to regain national power in politics, and resist and fight back against the current administration.  So far, all I get are emails from state and national Democratic Party organizations only when something seems huge or big or crazy or outrageous –and always ends with a pleas for funds, i.e., donations (money).  Never have those messages offered feedback on how any money would be spent, how they are spending it now, and where’s the National Plan?

Buried in their DNC Web site, is the 2016 campaign’s platform, which I guess is still some kind of substitute plan.  A national political party should have a consistent, published, ongoing, updated National Plan of Action.  Whether they are in control of states, Congress, or the White House.  Remember those “This I Believe” messages, see more at

At this point, the Democrats need something, anything to establish their values, what they believe, how they are moving forward, what are their plans, what’s next, events, actions, ways to help, ways to fight back.  Their national silence is deafening…


‘Not Sitting Quietly Anymore’: How Librarians Are Fighting Trump | Broadly

“In a political climate where truth is dismissed, it can be difficult to figure out where politics end and moral, or even professional, imperatives begin.”

Though some people may think the job involves more shushing than rallying, many librarians consider “making America read again” to be a radical political proposition.

Source: ‘Not Sitting Quietly Anymore’: How Librarians Are Fighting Trump | Broadly

Reflections: Of sunsets, margaritas, and Ernest > The Harvard Press

Illustration of Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” by Guy Harvey at the Customs House Museum in Key West. (Courtesy drawing)


“We did a group read of the only novel Hemingway set in Key West, ‘To Have and Have Not,’ published in 1937. Over Hemingway daiquiris in a quiet resort bar, we discussed meanings of the title, the social criticism of the wealthy, the way Hemingway wove in the history of Cuba and Key West, the violence, the attitude toward women, and the flaws in the narrative structure. We were brilliant.”

Source: Reflections: Of sunsets, margaritas, and Ernest > The Harvard Press

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Great tale of romance, books, compatibility.. thank you for sharing! -from a fan of “Relic,” book and movie, and Preston and Child, and the inestimable Pendergast…

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As I may have noted in previous posts, my second official job was working for a retail computer software store. Yes, I was the only girl working there. Anyway, I had also mentioned my laziness. I hated looking up sku numbers to obtain product information or pricing. It really wasn’t that difficult to do. I just had to walk maybe 10-15 feet to the back office, log into the system and type in the title of the product. Easy, but I refused to do it. Instead, I discovered how helpful the store in a neighboring city was. Even their manager, Keith (I think was his name), was very helpful. But unlike Keith, the rest of the…

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