Statesman Selects: THE PERIPHERAL by William Gibson


We’re happy to announce that the Statesman Selects pick for November is The Peripheral by William Gibson. His first novel since the 2010’s bestselling novel, Zero History, we are ecstatic to have one of the most exciting and visionary authors of our time in the store. A Hugo, Nebula, and The Philip K. Dick Award winner, this is sure to be an evening to remember, folks. We’re proud to partner with the Austin American-Statesman to bring William Gibson to BookPeople on Sunday, November 2. Be sure to read the Statesman’s review of The Peripheral in the Sunday, November 2nd edition of the paper.

Bookseller Love for The Peripheral

“After spending a decade exploring the post-9/11 techno-thriller universe, William Gibson, coiner of the term “cyberspace” returns to the field of speculative fiction with his new novel, The Peripheral. A fantastic beginning for a new trilogy, this book is stunning…

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