‘Dream of a House’ tours the eclectic home of writer Reynolds Price – LA Times

“What can things — furniture, everyday objects, art — really tell us about someone? If this book is any indication, plenty. What Price chose to surround himself with tells us about his obsessions, his affections, and perhaps even his perception of himself.”

Source: ‘Dream of a House’ tours the eclectic home of writer Reynolds Price – LA Times


Has Everyone Forgotten What Star Trek Is Supposed to Be?

There’s a weird problem that keeps popping up with Star Trek: Discovery and I can’t tell whose fault it is. Is it journalists writing about the show who don’t know its background? Is it that the people involved in the show are bad ambassadors for it? Is it the way the show’s being promoted? Is it just the news cycle? Whatever the cause, the effect is that Discovery is constantly marketed as groundbreaking when it should be marketed as following in Star Trek’s footsteps.

Source: Has Everyone Forgotten What Star Trek Is Supposed to Be?

How Typewriters Changed Everything | JSTOR Daily

Voice recognition technology is beginning to compete with typing. Would the end of typing change the business world forever?

“After decades of development, voice recognition technology is beginning to compete with typing when it comes to sending texts, interacting with computers, and even writing whole articles. The end of typing could shake things up, judging from how much typing changed the world when it was first introduced.”

Source: How Typewriters Changed Everything | JSTOR Daily

A Moment You Won’t Want to Miss: Cassini’s Mission Finale at Saturn – Teachable Moments | NASA/JPL Edu

Update – Sept. 11, 2017: This feature (originally published on April 25, 2017) has been updated to reflect Cassini’s current mission status, as well as new lessons and activities.Visit the Cassini website to learn more about the mission’s Grand Finale and follow along on Friday, Sept. 15 as the spacecraft makes its farewell plunge into Saturn. Live streaming information available here. In the News  After almost 20 years in space, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has begun the final chapter of its remarkable story of exploration. This last phase of the mission has delivered unprecedented views of Saturn and taken Cassini where no spacecraft has been before – all the way between the planet and its rings. On Friday, Sept. 15 Cassini will perform its Grand Finale: a farewell dive into Saturn’s atmosphere to protect the environments of Saturn’s moons, including the potentially habitable Enceladus. Teach It Explore our collection of standards-aligned lessons about NASA’s Cassini mission.

Source: A Moment You Won’t Want to Miss: Cassini’s Mission Finale at Saturn – Teachable Moments | NASA/JPL Edu

Library connections, not collections

Libraries Connect Communities


I know I don’t usually share links to external articles on here, but today this one really caught my eye. The headline alone, Why the future of UK libraries is in the ‘connection, not the collection’ strikes right at the heart of my own beliefs about libraries; the name of my blog, is, after all, Libraries Connect Communities.

Library Design

The article, by Louise Rhind-Tutt, quotes David Lindley, Executive Director of Designing Libraries, as saying that the key to shifting the focus from collections to connections is through “creating interactive, collaborative and participative spaces for people to come together and work together, learn together, and access a variety of materials and resources – not just borrow books.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Read the complete article here: https://inews.co.uk/essentials/culture/books/future-uk-libraries-connection-not-collection/

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Hurricane Harvey and Libraries | American Libraries Magazine

Depending on their location, some libraries sustained significant damage from the ensuing flood waters, while others escaped with only a little cleanup required. The flood also affected many librarians and other library workers due to the damage to their homes. Public libraries Houston Public Library reopened 18 of its 42 locations on September 5, according … Continue reading Hurricane Harvey and Libraries →

Source: Hurricane Harvey and Libraries | American Libraries Magazine

Whidbey Island With Family

A Note From Abroad

August 16th – 24th ~ Spent with family on Whidbey Island, Washington

Joanne picking blueberries

Our air quality had been poor for some time due to the many fires in British Columbia. After disappointing photos, and diminished views of the mountains, we decided to say goodbye to Canada and headed toward the border back into the USA. 

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